About Us

Henry Reimer, partner & president

Henry is the guy you want on your facilities supply team. With a BBA from the University of Illinois in 1989, combined with 20 plus years in the paper, packaging and cleaning chemical business, Henry provides a unique perspective when it comes to fulfilling modern-day supply program challenges.

Henry’s worked in senior positions for some of North America's top Manufacturiing and Distribution Companies and has a long list of accomplishments including Canadian Salesman of the Year, President's and Canada Club Award for Top Sales as well as all of the benefits and rewards that go along with being a successful entrepreneur for over 8 years at Westpac.

You can count on Henry's big picture thinking and expertise to help you solve all of your facilities supply challenges.


Jeff Gerhardt, partner & sales manager

Jeff is the consummate sales professional with 30 years’ experience in the North American  paper and packaging industry. During most of that, he’s held a range of senior sales positions due to his excellent ability to listen, learn and add value.

Jeff has worked for some of the highest grossing companies around, and he’s also won his fair share of industry accolades including a four-year record on the President’s Club.

A natural self-starter, Jeff has worked his way up through the industry with experience in all areas of fulfillment an distribution. Jeff's also the guy that knows the industry inside and out and understands the challenges of maintaining large-scale operations. Many Westpac customers have learned to rely on Jeff's significant knowledge base and problem solving abilities.

You can rely on Jeff's significant experience to help you streamline your facilities supply program.