(BOMA) Building Owners & Managers Association

Four Levels of Certification
The first level of achievement – BOMA BESt Level 1, indicates that a building has met all of the BOMA Go Green best practices. Level 1 demonstrates compliance with the best practices BOMA looks for. The Go Green Best Practices include performing an energy audit and a water audit, continually monitoring resource consumption and having a preventative maintenance program. These basic elements and the other best practices are the foundation of good environmental management.

BOMA BESt Level 2 certified buildings meet not only all of the BOMA Go Green Best Practices, but also have a score of 70-79% on the Go Green Plus assessment. Managers of these buildings have gone through the entire Go Green Plus questionnaire, entered 12 months of consumption data, and taken advantage of the scoring and benchmarking opportunities. BOMA BESt Level 2 demonstrates that a building is moving towards excellence in energy and environmental performance through better management. Level 2 shows that a building's management understands that they need to benchmark their performance, and that they have a clear understanding of what they can do to improve performance.

BOMA BESt Level 3 certification is for buildings that meet all of the BOMA Go Green Best Practices and achieve 80-89% on the Go Green Plus assessment.  Buildings at this level of certification have higher performance and demonstrate excellence in management.  Level 3 buildings typically have been managing with energy and environmental performance in mind for several years.  Management in these buildings is usually forward-thinking with flexibility to pursue environmental initiatives.

The highest level of achievement is BOMA BESt Level 4. Level 4 certification is for buildings that achieve over 90% on the Go Green Plus assessment and meet all of the BOMA Go Green Best Practices.  This is no small achievement, as these buildings must be high performers with low energy consumption.  The opportunity to implement new technologies and excellence in management and tracking are common for buildings that achieve BOMA BESt Level 4.

There are many reasons why owners and managers pursue BOMA BESt certification for their buildings. By providing a framework for environmental management, BOMA BESt helps managers to differentiate buildings in tight markets and is a value-add for tenants. Visit “About BOMA BESt” for more.

BOMA BESt Delivers Value
The BOMA BESt certification provides firms and their tenants with concrete proof of a commitment to the environment. The information involved in a building's application is verified by a third-party assessor before the certification is issued.
Going through the process and using BOMA BESt framework of best practices and the assessment tool helps helps owners and managers maintain standards of excellence that speak to environmentally-aware tenants. The certification is an attractive value-add, and provides the tool and encourages them to expand their own waste and energy reduction efforts.

Designed for and by the industry, BOMA BESt is cost-effective and accessible.

BOMA BESt Delivers Performance Improvement
Built on BOMA Go Green and Go Green Plus, BOMA BESt was developed with day-to-day operation standards in mind. All levels of BOMA BESt certification require following the minimum standard of the Go Green Best Practices. Companies following the best practices have become more aware of what actions they can take to reduce their environmental footprint.

Commercial building owners are seeing tremendous financial and tangible benefits. The BOMA Go Green Best Practices require energy and water audits, and plans or policies to reduce resource consumption. BOMA Go Green provides the consistent framework that managers can use to achieve financial returns. The Go Green Plus helps building owners draft comprehensive, realistic, long-term energy-use and waste-reduction action plans to establish a baseline and move forward with continual improvement. These elements of the BOMA BESt program help to drive measurable performance improvement.

Benchmarking helps managers solidify targets, evaluate options, implement them, and benchmark again.

BOMA BESt Delivers Education
The self-administered online assessment process supports team-building: building owners, managers, operators and tenants are brought together to share ideas and information, and find creative solutions. Going through the BOMA BESt certification process has helped many managers understand every element of their building and how it operates. BOMA BESt creates many teaching moments for building staff.

The program also addresses tenant communication and education. By educating tenants about environmental initiatives and results in the building, managers can maintain better relationships and tenants are aware of opportunities they have to make a difference too.

BOMA BESt is the Industry Standard
BOMA BESt is comprised of the BOMA Go Green Best Practices and the Go Green Plus assessment, and has been the industry standard for environmental management in commercial buildings since 2005. The program is accessible to many types and sizes of buildings, and with four levels of certification, there is room for many more to start on their own paths to continual improvement.