Canadian Green Sustainability Program

The Future Is Now...

The Green movement is here to stay and with each passing day, the jansan industry is faced with new technologies and chemistry. Separating Green product claims and implementing Green standards can be confusing. But not any more.

The Canadian Sanitation Supply Association (CSSA) has developed a comprehensive management and operations program to help standardize the cleaning industry from coast-to-coast.

The Candian Green Sustainability Program (CGSP) was designed by Canadians for Canadians, exclusively through the CSSA. It focuses on Canadian business and Canadian regulations at a cost that is affordable in today's economic climate.

The Canadian Green Sustainability Program (CGSP) is a progressive training tool that refocuses conventional cleaning methodology to not only clean for appearances, but more importantly, to clean for health and environment. The program is designed to provide cleaning consistency while detoxifying buildings where it is applied. The program will have such a powerful influence that it will ultimately lead to a more earth-friendly environment for everyone.

The CGSP can be used by manufacturers, distributors, in-house operations and building service contractors to develop and maintain consistently high standards, as well as demonstrate a commitment to the well-being of the building environment and the occupants within it.

Implementation of the CGSP can position a cleaning organization to deliver efficient, high quality service in a sustainable manner.

Additionally it provides a superior standard of professionalism to the industry at a time when building owners and operators are faced with the challenge of seeking a higher level of service.

The Canadian Green Sustainability Program provides certification to every aspect of the industry – including manufactuers, distributors, building owners, in-house service providers and building service contractors.

The BENEFITS... Manufacturers and Distributors can benefit enormously through the Canadian Green Sustainability Program.

The multi-level, nationally-recognized program is complete with an independent, third-party certification and auditing system. It is a comprehensively-designed program that is as much an educational and training tool as it is a way to promote green sustainability.

Building Service Contractors across Canada can gain considerable visibility and credibility with certification through the Canadian Green Sustainability Program.

Building Owners / Managers are currently seeking service personnel who can accommodate their goals of achieving Green building status. Certified Green Sustainability Contractors (CGSCs) are equipped with the tools to achieve these goals at no added cost to Building Owners / Managers.

  • The program benefits Building Service Contractor by providing the following:
  • Improves company visibility and credibility with 'Green Certification' status;
  • Increased employee productivity since cleaning staff are utilizing 'Green' products and methodologies;
  • Increased employee morale resulting in reduced turn-over;
  • Reduced external liability within the facilities cleaned by reporting any aspect of the building that needs repair and by encouraging the use of proper entrance matting;
  • Reduces internal liability through the reduction of chemical toxicity and exposure to staff;
  • May improve company profit margins through increased business prospects and referrals.

Benefits to the Building Owner / Manager/ Facility

Success as a building owner or manager in the new millennium requires meeting the challenge of increasingly complex demands involving the structure itself, the facility's tenants, liability and legal issues, vacancy/occupancy rates and regulatory compliance to name a few.

The Canadian Green Sustainability Program is designed to create and maintain a healthier building environment as well as protect the facility and its contents. Not only can Green building methods protect assets, but the program tools can also be utilized for marketable and profitable gain.

The CGSP can provide the following benefits to the Building Owner / Manager:

  • Improved productivity and attendance leading to improved employee morale;
  • Reduced liability through highly-trained building service contractors using better products and cleaning/maintenance techniques;
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) through the use of green products containing no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs);
  • Reduced overhead costs in the long-term due to the accumulative effects of Green benefits to the building;
  • Gain of a tremendous knowledge resource through the support of an Expert Sustainability Professional (ESP).

Benefits to the Facility Occupants Issues such as Sick Building Syndrome, building-related illness and Legionnaires disease are just a few problems significantly impacted and, in many cases, directly resulting from poor housekeeping and maintenance.

The CGSP will allow the facility to come to equilibrium, materials to off-gas, the HVAC system to be balanced, as well as provide a fully- trained, knowledgeable staff implementing cleaning practices which pro- mote health and environmental benefit.

Additional benefits to the Facility and its occupants include the following:

  • Improved Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) through the use of green products containing low or no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs);
  • A healthier workplace and improved productivity due to improved IAQ;
  • Reduced long-term maintenance costs through moisture containment and a high efficiency floor care program;
  • Improved tenancy rate through tenant loyalty due to improved indoor air quality and a healthier workplace environment;
  • Consistent level of health.

Whether it is a new, existing or renovated building, custodial operations and maintenance staff have a large impact on the success of a Green Building. The CGSP will provide the tools to reduce the risk of building related sickness and liabilities in the long-term.