Custom Supply Program

At Westpac Paper, we understand the challenges of maintaining a complex facility. We'll assess your present needs and plan for your future needs by understanding your use of consumables, labor and time. And we'll create a custom program to meet those needs.
Our custom programs provide high performance, sustainable solutions that contribute to cleaner, safer and healthier environment. We'll help you:

  • improve employee health and safety
  • meet regulatory and industry standards
  • implement HACCP compliant systems
  • reduce product waste & packaging through innovative supply technologies
  • use raw materials more efficiently

When you work with Westpac Paper, you'll have access to trusted brand-name products such as Kimberly Clark ™, Cascades™, Spartan™, Ralston™, and Cantech™. We'll give you the leverage of our established vendor relationships. And we offer products and vendor standardization, which reduces inventory management and cost. Our product offerings and programs are supported by Green Seal certifications and Leeds programs - and by our consistently great service.