Forest Stewardship Council

Forest Stewardship Council of Canada

The standards that are developed by the FSC are at the core of all of the work that we do.  These standards – and there are many different standards – describe various aspects of good forestry.  What makes them standards is that they describe specific requirements that can be consistently and reliably audited by an independent certifier.

Forest management standards outline the specific requirements for well-managed forests, elaborating on the more general international Principles and Criteria.  FSC Canada has primary responsibility for developing regional standards that describe requirements for FSC-certified forestry in the different regions and forest types of Canada.

Chain of Custody standards cover what happens to wood from the time it leaves the forest until it reaches the end user or consumer.

Controlled Wood Standards help FSC Chain of Custody (COC) certified companies avoid the use of unacceptable sources of wood in products carrying the FSC Mixed Sources Label

Standards and Policy Documents

The FSC International Center sets the framework for the development and maintenance of international, national and sub-national FSC standards. This framework ensures that