Spartan Green Solutions

To provide a line of environmentally preferred products that directly contribute to a cleaner, safer and healthier environment for workers and building occupants.

Living and working in a dirty, unsanitary environment is not an option; however, responsible consumption is.
Three points to consider when selecting specialty maintenance cleaning products are:

  1. I.    Environmental Impact
  2. II.    Worker Safety
  3. III.    Product Performance


Spartan’s Green Solutions product line has been created with current and future global environmental concerns in mind. Its purpose is to offer an opportunity to become a part of the environmental solution. Green Solutions is the pro-active choice for the professional who is selecting cleaners for institutional and industrial use in the sanitary maintenance industry.

  • No persistent, bioaccumulative or toxic chemicals No ozone depleting compounds
  • No or low volatile organic compound content (VOC) No hazardous waste characteristics
  • No phosphates or phosphonates
  • No carcinogens, mutagens or teratogens

Green Solutions Products
have been formulated by Spartan’s in-house laboratory team consisting of both chemists and microbiologists. Regulatory issues have been addressed and meet or exceed the most current environmental concerns and those on the foreseeable horizon, offering peace of mind when selecting Green Solutions.

Raw materials are tested before use to ensure they meet Spartan’s rigorous specifications. A sample from each incoming raw material shipment is kept for a period of one year. All products are made in Spartan’s state-of-the-art computer batching system, minimizing the possibility of human error. Each batch of new product must pass quality control standards and be released by our quality control chemists before it is pumped into its respective holding vessel. Samples of every batch of product are kept for at least one year. Through a code dating system, Spartan can match the retained samples against product at an end-user’s facility. All drums and pails are safety sealed for protection before leaving Spartan’s manufacturing plant.


Spartan is committed to a cleaner environment through the manufacture and marketing of maintenance products that are formulated with concern for health and safety of maintenance professionals. Creating products that support a cleaner environment also supports the same degree of tolerance for workers.